William S.Spaulding



William S. Spaulding (Jr.), New York City.

Though quite a few years have elapsed since I had the privilege of being in the presence of Sri Maharshi, the tremendous impression made on me at that time has remained undimmed. I shall not discuss Maharshi’s method of approach to full realisation, for that is well-known, though undoubtedly little understood. Rather, I would like to attempt to describe the impression that came over me as I sat in His presence for the first time. The most powerful impression was that of what I can only call an almost palpable “golden radiance”, the visual effect of a tremendous spiritual force. There was an intense and subtle radiation that seems to flow from Him continually, - and once having sensed this, words, questions, technique of meditation, etc., seemed to dissolve immediately. And to those unable to hear that ‘ultimate Voice of Silence’, their questions are answered with simple yet shattering clarity, sweeping away all dialectic and verbalism, uncovering the way that leads to the ultimate Source - the Self.

Maharshi also possesses to a high degree that quality described as “divine indifference”, attributed to certain saints of the Christian church. This must not be taken to mean what is generally associated with the term “indifference”, but rather as a beneficent, unfettered out-pouring of the healing radiation of a realized Being.

Additional words would in no way give a clearer conception of that great person, Sri Maharshi. Let those who can not fail to take advantage of the blessed opportunity of going to the Holy Hill of Arunachala to experience the rare instance of contact with One who has reached the high pinnacle of pure Being.


What Maharshi knew at seventeen, we do not know at seventy. Why?

Ah! We lack the fire; our hearts are cold and our  heads are hard.

Alas! what shall we do?

Go to Maharshi? Yea; He'll lend us fire, warm our hearts - now cold - and turn the stones in us into Gold. That is Maharshi, the Alchemist.

* * * *

Him that Gods do praise

Men do not recognise:

—Nay, even crucify!

How long the world cared not for Him,the Maharshi!

How few now too are they that care for Him?

They that dare ignore the Self

Wouldn't they ignore all else?

But then, God knows and cares,Himself in Gita so declares.
(Shri Aurobindo Ashram)