Supplication to Sri Bhagavan

By A.K. Ramachandran

Decades ago, as a student, I used to gaze with admiration at the photo of a youth in a loin cloth before whom my father used to prostrate. The last words of my father before losing consciousness were about Bhagavan and about how eagerly he had been looking forward to spending some years in Sri Ramanasramam. These words were ringing in my ears when I visited Sri Ramanasramam in 1930. I was specially blessed on this occasion as I saw him all alone in the dining hall in the early hours of the morning. I caught hold of his holy feet as Markandeya caught the lingam and told him about the last words of my father. With tender love beaming out of his eyes, he said that my father had taken leave of him before passing away! When I beseeched him to bless me, he said, “It will be all right in the end”. Those words of benediction have rung in my ears and brought me hope in moments which I cherish in my heart as the most worthwhile event in my life.