Barbara Rose


By Barbara Rose

RAMANA is the saviour of this life. At the mere thought of his name there is a burst of harmony inside this physical frame which reverberates and joins in the song of the heavenly spheres and the song of the most minute life-unit, wheresoever that consciousness extends! That name and harmony form the theme and background to every breath and motion. Thanks to them, the perceived world becomes a place of remembrance.

Slowly we learn to look through the peep-holes of the circus tent to the quiet beyond. Slowly comes the strength to focus not on the scenes of the fleeting wonders of the mind, but to see with our hearts more and more. Happily, to see the blue sky and to let its vastness fill us till the mind becomes serene. Peacefully, to hear the tiny songbird, insignificant to the grand organ of sight, but so much in tune with what IS.

The faith grows, the trust grows, thanks to the grace of Sri Bhagavan. He is the mother, tirelessly gentle, ready to cradle the devotee in caring arms when it bruises itself so often because of stubborn vasanas of the past. He is there to hear the prayer of which the tongue and heart never tire, “Please help us to love more in our hearts each day”. He is the father, ever watchful and ready with the reminder of what we are here for, reminding us that our one and only freedom is in remembrance, in being with him and in him.

Thank you for your guidance, Bhagavan. It is in everything. The blessings pour in. They are for all nature. They are for me. They are for all humanity.