Bhagavan is Always with Us

I'm very new to this spiritual life. I became serious about the spiritual life only during the last few months. Many people had the good fortune to have a glimpse of the Self in Bhagavan's presence because of Bhagavan's grace. Even though I'm new to the spiritual life, by His grace, even I had a taste of this Pure Self. This instilled in me the belief that Bhagavan is still around us and is helping us. I wanted to share my experience.

I have been doing meditation (some kind of Kundalini practice) since I was 21 (now I'm 31), but it was not continuous. I was doing meditation just to live my life better, not for any spiritual reasons. Even though I heard about Bhagavan a few years back, I never knew his teachings. Recently, during the last few months, there appeared a sudden improvement (or force) in my life, which made me to read about Bhagavan. At the same time my friend got the Nan Yar? (Who Am I?) book from Sri Ramanasramam.

This is the first book I have ever read about Bhagavan's teachings. After reading that book, during my waking hours, I couldn't think of anything else except Nan Yar? It went on for three weeks continuously. I believe because of that I got a severe cold, headache, and body pain. Strangely, though this was little different from the normal illnesses, it was only the right side of the body that was affected with symptoms. The left side of the body was normal. Then I stopped thinking about this for a day. The following night, while I was in the bed, again this 'I-thought' became very strong, and I started analyzing how this thought came, which made the investigation into the 'I-thought' more intense. After some time the thought reduced to a small point and immediately vanished. I then felt only perfect peace, nothing else, not even my body. After a few minutes, I became aware of the body. Then suddenly I became still for some time, I couldn't even feel the peace. My mind was not thinking anything, just still for a few minutes. After this experience, I started reading more about Bhagavan, and His teachings. Then I came to know that in His presence many felt this experience at least once, as He showed a glimpse of the Self to people who intently wanted to know. And I also came to know that He continues to help people in the spiritual process even though He left his body. After this experience I'm feeling that Bhagavan is always with us, helping people in their spiritual process.