He first read the Maharshi's Who Am I? booklet while yet a college student in Gujarat. He immediately recognized the purity and directness of the teachings, and how the Maharshi embodied them.

Babubai worked as an engineer and college professor before immigrating to the USA in 1971. In New Jersey, he took an engineering job and immediately began sponsoring relatives, family after family, until the total number that settled in the USA by his efforts reached 150! He founded a Sangam so the children of all his friends and family could be taught traditional Indian music, Sanskrit and literature. His knowledge of these subjects was prolific.

In the later 1970s when he first heard of Sri Ramana Maharshi's Arunachala Ashrama in NYC, Babubai collected his family into the car and drove straight to the Ashrama. Since then he and his family have been an integral part of Bhagavan's family.

In recent years, Mr. Parekh's health had been failing. He told his family members that he would leave this world alone, with none of them near him. On January 25th, this actually came to pass, as he locked himself into a room - something he never does - then breathed his last. Apparently he desired to prepare himself for the transition without distractions.

Babubai Parekh was much loved by his family and friends and will be missed by all.