Swami Ramdas

Swami Ramdas was the founder of the Anandashram, Kanhangad in Kerala. He authored the book 'In Quest of God'.

The story below is as told by Swami Ramdas to Dilip Kumar Roy and published in the book by Roy 'The Flute Calls Still'.

One day, Ramdas went for the darshan of Ramana Maharshi and addressed him thus: Maharaj, here stands before three a humble slave. Have pity on him. His only prayer to thee is that you give him thy blessings. The Maharshi turned his beautiful eyes towards Ramdas and looked intently for a few minutes into his eyes, as though he was pouring into Ramdas his blessings through those orbs. Then he shook his head as if to say he has been blessed. A thrill of inexpressible joy coursed through the frame of Ramdas, his whole body quivering like a leaf in the breeze. Ramdas had gone to the Maharshi in a state of comple obliviosness of the world. He felt thrills of ectasy in his presence. The Maharshi made the awakening permanent in Ramdas.

Some people asked Ramdas, "You went to the Maharshi an you got illumination. Give us illumination like that. "Ramdas responded, "You must come to Ramdas with the same spirit as he went to the Maharshi. Where was his heart? How intense was his longing? What was the world to him at that time? If you come in that state you then you also get it."