Chittor Nagaiah

Vuppala Dadiyam Nagayya
Nagaigh V. Chittor was a legendry Telugu cine artiste. Known for his films Bhakta Pothana and Bhakta Thygaraja, he visited Sri Ramana in the 1930s.

When my wife deid, the whole world looked bleak to me. Everything seemed like an arid desert with no oasis in sight. I would be reading the Gita over and over again. The slightest thought of my wife would sink me into deep sorrow. To overcome it I would let my friends force me into giving music concerts.

One day I left my house, and wandering here and there, reached Sri Ramanasramam. To me it was like entering the heaven on earth. The atmosphere of profound peace which surrounded the Maharshi and which enveloped the place sank into me. At long last, my mind knew some rest. The majestic silience of Bhagavan ended my suffering and my self-concern about the bereavement.

Paul Brunton and I became friends, and time passes happily. One day a friend from Chittoor spotted me and cajoled me into accepting a recording programme for his film. I told him that unless the Maharshi gave his consent, I would not budge. I had not spoken a single word to Bhagavan all this while nor had he to me. But there was some imperceptible yet strong bond of love between us. To leave the majestic master who filled my heart with peace was unthinkable. Still the seeds of desire had been sown. I was looking for an oppotunity to get the Maharshi's permission. When the permission was sought, he said, " Yes, you can go. There is still a lot of work for you to do." I could not comprehend the implication of the statement at that time. The recording assighnment took me to the film world where name and fame came to me in a big way.

I would have withered away unhonoured and unsung but for the grace of Bhagavan Ramana. He poured new life into me. The Maharshi had an uncanny perception of each person's need and would lead one along the path best suited to that person.