Swami Thapovanji Maharaj

The Soul of Silence

Sri Swami Thapovanji Maharaj, Uttarkasi, Himalayas

Silence is Truth. Silence is Bliss. Silence is Peace and hence, Silence is Atman. To live this Silence is the Goal. It is Moksha. It is the end of this endless cycle of births and deaths. Sri Ramana Maharshi was an embodiment of Silence. He was Silence Itself. Therefore he did not preach the Silence. Only when one comes back to the 'noise' from the Silence, can one preach the Silence. How can the Silence preach itself through Silence ?

Nearly forty years ago, I had the good fortune of having the darhsan of the Maharshi at Tiruvannamalai when he was living there in a cave along with his mother and brother. One midday I, a young Brahmachari at that time, climbed to the cave, saw the Maharshi there, and placing a bunch of bananas at his feet, bowed and sat before him. At the same moment some monkeys jumped onto the scene, scrambled for the fruits and ran away with them.

The Maharshi looked lovingly into my face. That was all. He spoke but Silence; not a word passed between us. A supreme, a dynamic and Divine Silence prevailed. An hour passed by, all in Silence. He rose for his bhiksha. I too rose from my seat, bowed again and walked down the Hill. The Divine Silence sank deeper and deeper into me with each step! Someone came running behind me and pressed me to take some prasad. Thankfully, I declined. I was full, so full with the Silence. The Maharshi called him back and advised him not to press me. Then I continued walking away.

Maharshi was an image of Peace and Silence. It is the first duty of all those who admire and follow him to seek that Divine Silence. The enquiry into that Divine Silence is but the enquiry 'Who am I?'

O Man! Enquire and be immersed in that inner Silence. Do all works of this world to reach that goal, to attain that Divine Silence. The ocean's surface dances in waves, laughs in sparkling foam, roars as its thunderous waves clap and clash! And yet deep in its inner vaults it rests in eternal Silence and Peace. Without such a divine and spiritual depth, the works and activities of this universe prove worthless and aimless.

"Works should be undertaken and pursued to take us ultimately to the workless Abode of Divine Silence and endless Peace." This is the secret doctrine of all our Vedas and ancient Scriptures.

— The Call Divine, 1953

This is from THE MAHARSHI News Letter