S.Bhanu Sharma

Bhagavan’s Silence

By S. Bhanu Sharma

I came to Bangalore in 1935 with the blessings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana. I was under the care of a Polish engineer, Mr. Maurice Frydman, who was a frequent visitor to the Ashram. In 1937 one of his Dutch friends, Dr. G.H. Mees, a staunch philosopher, came to visit him and was discussing philosophy with him. Dr. Mees said that he had not been able to get clarification on certain points in Indian Philosophy, despite all his efforts. Mr.Frydman suggested that he go and meet Bhagavan and that from him he was sure to get what he wanted.

I was asked to accompany Dr. Mees to introduce him to Bhagavan. Dr.Mees noted down all his questions on a sheet of paper. We arrived at about 8.30 a.m., prostrated before Bhagavan and sat down in the Hall in front of him. Several devotees were putting questions and Bhagavan was answering them. Dr. Mees kept silent, and at 10.45 I reminded him about his questions. He said that he no longer had any doubt on any point and that all of the answers had become clear to him after the darshan of Bhagavan.

Thus was the grace of Bhagavan bestowed on devotees without their asking, when they went to him for his blessings.