Sri Muruganar, the poet-saint and staunch devotee of Sri Bhagavan, was ever willing to help and guide earnest seekers. He would melt even at the very mention of the name, 'Ramana', yet he was firm like a rock, and unrelenting when it came to His teachings. In him one found the perect blend of bhakti and jnana. As far as Sri Bhagavan was concerned, he was totally, blindly devoted, so much so, that he earned the name: 'Shadow of Bhagavan'! In guiding seekers and inculcating Bhagavan's teachings, he was stern and uncompromising.

Once I told him that it was difficult for me to follow the vichara marga and hence it was better that I take to other simpler method, grow in maturity and then try the Enquiry method. He was quick in his response: "That is all escapism. Having come to Bhagavan and knowing His teaching you should plunge into Self-Enquiry. One who has been drawn to Bhagavan is already on the direct path. When Bhagavan recommends other methods, they are meant only for those questioners, not for you. Bhagavan's path is the only path meant for you. Having come to Him, why wander abount?"

When I spoke to the same Muruganar a few days later, about the fascinating of His Form and the music in His Name, he burst out, with tears welling up in his eyes, 'Yes, yes, Bhagavan's Name is itself enough for us. His Figure draws us to only to absorb us into Him. His name is all-embracing! His Form is all-consuming!".